Sonic Riders



Enjoy Sonic in a different way


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If we join two different universes like Sonic and Mario Karts, that incredible mix can become a game called Sonic Riders.

Exactly, Sonic Riders offers us all the velocity of Sonic and the funny fights we used to have when playing Mario Karts.

Now, Sonic is surfing an air board, really exciting. You have to compete, because you have to win, not only will you have to be faster, but you will beable to beatthem by using a lot of insane tricks.

You’ll play Sonic at unparalleled breakneck speeds, you’ll catch the turbulence air stream of your board-bound opponents and blaze past them while busting out wild stunts and tricks. That’s the new Sonic, really funny.

Race like your life depended on it against up to 3 players, because this kind of games are really better when played with your friends.

The demo version includes one level and itcan be played with Sonic character.